How to Set Mercedes Secondary Air Monitor?

Complete Guide On How To Set Mercedes Secondary Air Monitor

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If you are looking for the best solution to set Mercedes air monitor, then you are at the right place. It is mandatory to set up the air monitor for Mercedes to keep airflow normal.

The prevention of monitoring from smog and other damage depends upon its drive cycle as not too fast or even too slow. Also, setting a time to test it while driving is the best practice to prepare it for better air emission. Therefore, make sure to work on these practices.

Moreover, the AC setting sets the vehicle to work for a suitable time comes in it. But how? This article will bring a complete setup guide to make your Mercedes monitor performance the best.

Furthermore, stay with us until the end to prepare for your next comfortable drive.

Steps On How To Set Secondary Air Monitor Of Mercedes:

Your Mercedes need a complete drive cycle for its proper air emission in all conditions by driving the cycle and checking out the monitors.

Following the drive cycle that we are going to tell you is important. If you can, seek help from air smog assistance for better performance.

This cycle needs important steps for driving the vehicle and a test to test the monitors after completing it. In this situation below, the given guidelines are the ultimate solution.

Let’s get dive into the drive cycle procedure!

Oxygen Centre Heater Monitor:

Oxygen Centre Heater Monitor
Source: youtube

Make the engine warm at the temperature of 80C, start it and increase its speed at the rate of 2000 to 2500 RPM for just 2 minutes.

After 2 minutes, running the engine at normal speed for the next 6 minutes is equally important.

By hand-held scan tool, you can verify the above test speed by indicating the mark on the monitor. This mark will show you whether it was complete or not. Get started 2nd step.

Furthermore, If it shows complete, then time to a movie on the second step. So, are you ready for step 2? Good one, let’s start it.

Oxygen Sensor Monitor:

Now drive your Mercedes vehicle for 3 minutes at 43 mph. This process is just step 2. Here you can again check the indication mark of the display monitor for verification of the process.

Monitor Your Car:

Monitor Your Car

Here the catalytic converter efficiency diagnostic test should be conducted at 80 C. Now, drive the vehicle for 3 minutes at 47-55 mph speed.

Fuel Adaptation Monitor:

Here, now furthermore time to adjust the level of fuel and air properly and with full care. How? Put the transmission into the park position and allow it to remain idle.

Avoid applying load on it. You should power off the air-conditioning and other power accessories for 3 minutes. Again to verify this, check out the display position on the monitor with the hand-holding scan tool.

Emission Vacuum Diagnostic Monitor:

The EGR system portion of the test maintains the engine at 80 C temperature. Although, start and drive the vehicle in the D position.

Now, give it acceleration at 2000 rpm and slowly decelerate it at 1100 rpm. Now run the hand-held text, then after its confirmation, turns the ignition off; after a wait of 10 seconds, repeat the steps.

The main reason to repeat the step is to ensure a smooth engine and better performance of the air monitor.

Air Injection Monitor:

Air Injection Monitor

This step needs time and more care than the above testing steps. So, please read it carefully to prepare your Mercedes for the next amazing drive.

In this step, first, make the engine cool. You can do this by placing an external exhaust fan in front of it or by waiting for itself to get cooled.

When the engine temperature goes on less than 40C, then start and accelerate it at the speed of 1450 rpm.

Continuously run the engine with no break until it reaches the temperature of 70 to 106C.

In the next turn, turn the ignition off, and repeat the process. Even make sure both times the temperature should be same to monitor.

Fuel System Leak Test Monitor:

This procedure will be the last step. Read it clearly to get every point until this end for your better drive cycle. So, ensure that the fuel tank level should be ⅓ or ¼ sequences.

Apply force to add air at 45C temperature in the engine of temperature 100 C. Again, in the park position without any load, run the engine for 20 minutes.

For the next 20 minutes, drive the vehicle for smooth running and either start working well or not. Now turn the engine off, wait for 10 seconds and repeat this step.

After verification of the display monitor of the test, congratulations on your drive cycle for monitoring the air system of Mercedes. Now get done

More than anything else, you have to run some drive cycles to get the air injected into the engine and then test it.

Fuel System Leak Test Monitor

Air-injected parts of the engine if of far importance, and check their clarity of function by complete or pass status.

If the engine light is not coming back, then hurry. That’s the big sign your Mercedes is ready and you have the best condition for your next drive.

Most of the time, air restrictions can occur, but going above the drive cycles test with a gap of a few days makes it smooth, so no worries more.

Mainly to start and drive for 400 miles distance, mostly not just for the sake of drive cycles but for better engine working. It is equally important to cover the distance with running tests. That’s all!


How is the secondary air monitor properly?

If the secondary air monitor system is not ready, its level can be checked using the upstream oxygen sensor signal.

Another best practice is to check the air particles in the exhaust manifold supplied by the air system.

How does the Mercedes monitor ready?

Start the engine for 4 minutes, then drive slow and fast for the next 5 minutes as you accelerate and decelerate.

Meanwhile, again give 4 minutes idle stop break. Now check the monitor display. It will show the complete status.

What is the required distance for the oxygen sensor?

You must drive 50 to 100 miles if the engine still shows light. So, during your drive, the computer monitors the sensor and registers enough results to check them out.

Final Words:

In conclusion, Mercedes care is necessary to set up a secondary air monitor system perfect for running a successful drive cycle is mandatory.

Indeed, when the air pump system works properly, it will surely give you the best results.

Moreover, only apply a drive cycle for driving. Give it proper time with precise handling and precautionary measure. That’s a relatively easy game. You have to follow the above steps.

If you need help running it or don’t take a risk by applying practices on your own, visit your nearest car centre for help and get the work done by an experienced assistant in addition to it. It will be more helpful. So, happy driving.

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