Is 60C Safe for CPU?

Is 60C Safe For CPU? – Your Complete CPU Temperature Guide

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Is 60C safe for the CPU? This statement is the biggest query for any PC user for their system protection.

Yes, it is also the best range temperature to maintain the performance of your CPU.

Although, the life span of your device is never hurt by it because it is just misknowledge.

Even if you put a hard cover over it with a short high-temperature range, your device can lead a life of 15+ years.

That’s amazing, but now in this article, we will also cover all details on how to set CPu’s best temperature-safe range. So, keep with us until the end and let’s dive right with us!

Major Reasons Why CPU Get Hot?

CPU Get Hot
Source: pcgamer

The maximum temperature range on the CPU matters a lot. Above 80C always cause damage and interrupts your overall device and system working.

Moreover, with a modern CPU, it’s better to reduce work hours as Temperature rises. Many factors lead to making the Temperature high, such as:

During the working semiconductor, the heat is released. Mind it that the CPU contain billions of transistors.

The signal flowing triggers heat release at a faster rate. They switch from 0 to 1 and 1 to 0 values. This process generates current flow, and ultimately currents produce heat.

Then the extra heat slowly and slowly causes the CPU to be hot and slow working. In addition, these semiconductors take electrons from the elements rather than doped ones.

Hence, proven to a high workload rate, the CPU uses more power, aka watts, resulting in heat and extra unconvertable Temperature.

In addition to the above reasons following behaviour can give you a chance to know why CPU working is abnormal.

Meanwhile, your CPU fan rotating so fast can create louder noise than the usual routine. Moreover, your device starts hanging out for a long and will shut down automatically.

The best option is to fix your problem with the technician and cover it with a cool coating.

Best Temperature Ranges For Different CPU Models:

Below we will provide you with the best temperature settings for your next CPU processor model.

At the time, it is equally important to note down all the values from here so that you don’t need to worry about where to find the best heat range and work easily for the next time.

 Type of CPU processorsNormal CPU TempHigh Temp Range
Intel Core i5-7600K45°C to 65°C100°C
Intel Core i5-6600K42°C to 53°C72°C
Intel Core i5-3570K50°C to 62°C67°C
Intel Core i7-6700K52°C to 70 °C72°C
Intel Core i7-4790KBelow 70°C73°C
Intel Core i7-4770K55°C to 65°C67°C
Intel Core i7-3770K55°C to 65°C67°C
Intel Core i7-2600K47°C to 60°C72°C
Intel Celeron67°C – 85°C73°C
AMD A6-7400K45°C – 57°C70°C
AMD A6-6400K49°C to 57°C70°C
AMD A6-5400K45°C to 55°C70°C
AMD A10-6800K50°C to 55°C74°C
AMD Athlon 6445°C – 60°C78°C

What Is The CPU Temperature Range During Gaming?

65C to 85 C temperature is the best range for many old and modern models while gaming.

But due to overworking and long game periods, some below practices seem best to enjoy your every high-five game fully.

  1. Lower the screen resolution for all games to 1920×1080 and set normal sharpness. Moreover, You can set higher fps on competitive games.
  2. The fan speed should be normal range but vary on tasks by using the razer synapse.
  3. With the help of the Ryzen controller, limit the CPU temp to 70C.

After many tries, you will notice that even though the CPU is throttled down, there is no issue while gaming.

The only noticeable thing is that loading a new level takes a little longer.

So, before configuring the laptop, it used to go up to 70 degrees when loading apps such as nordvpn, steam, epic games and such.

Using a laptop with CPU heat of around 70 or more is uncomfortable because you start feeling the heat on the keyboard.

No random spikes of intense heat when gaming or doing anything. Yet little to no performance drop.

It’s good to have a powerful laptop when you need it to work at full power. But for most people, this is a good way to preserve your laptop.

The laptop is noisy when booting. It heats up to 75 degrees and then cools down. Loading a game causes high temps and fan noise. Loading each level heats up to 80 or 90 degrees.

No random heat spikes when loading anything. Never goes past 72 degrees while gaming.

Moreover, the loading levels on intense games take a bit longer, but there is no need for a fire hydrant to stay between 55 and 60 degrees.

Important Practices To minimize CPU Heat:

Turning Off The Turbo:

CPU Heat Turning Off The Turbo:
Source: tomshardware

Simple and one of the most effective ways, you will get your CPU cool quickly.

For this, go to Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Power Options > Click Power Saver, then Change plan settings > Change advanced power settings > Processor power management > Maximum power state > Change from 100% to 99%.

Repasting The Thermal Compound:

Compared to others, this process requires expert hands as the opening of laptop-sensitive parts matters. Additionally, use an anti-static band to ensure that you don’t damage your components and use Thermal Grizzly as your thermal paste.

However, start by removing the screws of the back plate and open up the laptop, unplug the battery and then continue to unscrew it.

However, On the GPU, use around a BB ball-sized paste. You will use more on the CPU, going in a line across the die.

You will be using less than 1 ml of the compound. Then, place the heat sync back on and screw it back together. To get a clear understanding, check out the best tutorial guide here.

Cleaning Out Your CPU Fans:

Unscrew your back plate, take some compressed air, and blast the fans in short bursts until all dust is removed from the Fans.

After all, we recommend your laptop is on a hard surface and raised from the back to ensure it gets the most airflow possible.

Moreover, you can also check out cooling pads, which are beneficial for you. NEVER place your laptop on a soft area such as a bed, pillow, or sofa.


Is 60C Temperature Hot For CPU idle?

Yes, on average concern, 60 C is never considered a danger zone. Hence, for idle working cooling method must be added while working.

Keep checking your PC fans and avoid trapping any air-bubble in them.

Is 60C Hot For a Laptop CPU?

Yes, the optimal CPU heat range is about 60 C, but most processors have an average range between 40 to 70 C. The more power range, the better the device’s performance.


As we briefly described in the article, is 60C safe for CPU, and what range should you consider using many other processors? Hence, it is equally important to notice your device processor’s heat range during working and gaming.

Meanwhile, it’s better to follow the above instructions as they are very easy to apply.

Moreover, technicians and experts advise better to protect your device from damage to avoid any risk. In addition to that, this article will help you out in every possible way until your next working start!

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